Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd Talk: Dr. Christina Cowger - Torture - The Spider's Web and the Net of Accountability

I skipped a pre-recorded talk by Mike Rowe that was really good. He referenced the ASCE report card that we've talked a lot about in our CaS colloquium.

The third TEDxNCSU talk is Dr. Christina Cowger on Torture - The Spider's Web and the Net of Accountability. She is from NC Stop Torture Now.

Quote from Cheney about "working on the dark side" in the war on terror. Talking about CIA studies on "no touch" torture such as stress positions, sexual humiliation, and sleep deprivation. She now mentioned CIA experiments on waterboarding and simultaneous exposure to torture techniques, and the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation.

She moved on to rendition network and procedures. She moved on to individual stories. She is now quoting Gen. McCaffery, Gen. Taguba and the UN council on human rights. "Look forward not backwards" makes it's first appearance. Apparently, there is good news and a "global movement" towards accountability apparently exists. She brought up examples from Canada and Maher Arar, investigations in Canada, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, and Australia. It doesn't seem like much to me.

She moved on to the grassroots movement in NC. Protests have occured at air fields used for rendition in the State. Brad Miller, my representative, who I have a great deal of respect for, has apparently not supported an investigation.Stop Torture Now is trying to setup a truth commission. If government support never comes, this will look like the silly Obama impeachment tribunals.

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